never lonely. fucking tired. traveling should be a week-long deal. miss tianjin. miss beijing, too.don't know how to write, anymore. that's in both languages, and latin. was in yunnan. now in shenzhen. average age here is 26, and funnily enough, that's the age of the city itself. want to say, i am northern-er, born, bred, be. i like brother... this one too, he's good, gooder, better than i judged. he's crazy, but, good. hong kong next. don't think i will like. but, would like to see victoria harbor, and kowloon, because he wrote a story once, set there. he's kind of an asshole though, now that i reminisce. wasn't he?

interview @ hong kong with My Little Airport. Heart+Nervous+NeedtoPrepare. want to go back to beijing and work with the Joyn:Viscom guys on their getitloud exhibition like, now. is this where life begins? when you forget how to write. i would like to marry him. //end

o, on the record+oldnews。 我他妈爱死中国了。