I was born and raised in Tianjin, China, city of millions, and moved to a small town in the American midwest at age nine. Since then, my experience of working in New York City and Beijing draws from this state of in-betweenness. Hyper Island  a creative business school where design thinking, digital strategy, and group reflection went hand in hand  deepened my interest in team dynamics and development. I've spoken on the topic at The Future of Work London and a narrative of the Chinese Internet at SheSays. Currently, I'm working on a collection of short stories set in Beijing. 


NYC & Beijing.
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The saying goes, "One Chinese makes a dragon, but three Chinese make a worm.” Leaders in China are often promoted on individual success, but understanding of teamwork remains an abstraction." Better Teamwork in China is a Hyper Island Master's industry research project for creative teams sharing what we know and how we can use this, delivered in a concise text for everyday reference.