werther's worth

And I'm among... men who are high, girls who are strung, and every time I spray the cheap perfume per bath and body, I taste it in my mouth, a swig of Chinese ginseng drink to cure yesterday's beaten throat. OUT OF BREATH AND OUT OF CASH! japanese girls are easy (breezy) and japanese boys are crazy (crazy). I think I have a fondness of "mindless" and interior art. American lit so caught up on the grand themes of social and political justice, and I just wanna run crop circles through Werther's mind... I just wanna dot his sorrows and fill in his philosophical pandering. Hence I'm feeling worthless living in the world outside my own crop circle. What's beauty? What's beauty? What's art for art's sake? And are we like a brand of luxury when life is cheap?

In other worlds, I'm proud of this school for the first time in my life.