Running Man vs. Kowtowing Man?

The main conversation aloft between friends during the China vs. Dream 8 game was how the “running-Peking-man” in the official symbol for the ‘08 Olympics also looks like a “kowtowing-Chinese-man.” It took me ages to see it but I’ve always been horrible at magic eye.

Instructions on how to see the kowtowing, “please love us foreigners we are a friendly, peace-loving, back-bending people, here for your every need” man.

1. Flip the view you would normally see the running man. 2. The horizontal line (running man’s arms) is the kowtowing-man’s hat. 3. The circle in the middle (running man’s body) is the kowtowing-man’s head, bowing. 4. The running man’s right leg is the kowtowing-man’s bent back. 5. The running man’s left leg is his arm, in upward motion, ready to please.