Just got the first draft for our short short documentary for 本能 PAPER INSTINCT. It looks good, with much much gratitude to friends, without whom this will not be possible. In the space of four minutes looking at this, I am simply thankful to my job, my boss, my co-workers, and hours of overtime. Hard work pays off. Hard work pays off. There were moments in this journey when he and I were on the verge of giving up. I remember it so clearly, hunched by his desk, we asked ourselves, "Can we really do this? Is this really possible? Is it a dream?" Then the inexplicable weixin message that came late at night: 我们要留名北京设计周! 十一黄金周全国旅游的大婶大叔小孩学生都要走过我的展览! 我们的*。妈了个逼的!

That was that. I know we're young and naive. I know the hours don't ever seem enough. I know I'm married to my job, but everyday I'm thankful deep down inside. I'm thankful for coming to Beijing, for all the people I've met here. Just the other day, sitting at Re's home, we counted off nationalities around the circle, and there were 7 different countries represented between 8 people. Not even in New York is there diversity like this, but what's more important is this collective zen for something more, more than what is predictable, to be in a roller coaster life that is China.

Next up at work is Johnnie Walker. Excited, just.... excited.