Happy Refrain


When he turned and looked at me and said "New York?" and I nodded back with a smile, "_New York_" I knew right there and then that someday, oh someday, I'll be back to you, my New York, with a lot more love and even more heart than before. Believe me.

Contentment is a strange thing. You find it inadvertently, maybe it's always been there in your lap but you didn't, couldn't notice it, because you were too preoccupied by work, and parties, and rage. Then one day you calm down, ride your bike, and all you know is that bundle of joy, and it is a joy that blooms from deep within, not even by the number of wonderful people you know, have gotten to know, but an inward feeling of: yes, I'm singinggg in the rain.

I am... happy. Like, cheesy, Disney-cloud happy. Like, a happiness made of layers of mesh and fiber that all together, is unbreakable. Like, the type of happiness that you hang onto inĀ remembranceĀ of all the memories, and all the good people you've known and touched, and have touched you.

Happiest Thanksgiving to family, friends, near and far.