Paradigm Shift

This could a moment for paradigm shift. The people. The words. The decisions. It is important, at this point, to adhere to principles and yourself, however fragile your perception of the world is slowly becoming, however much idealism is being shaved from you. In the end, you have to admit to yourself that this is something you said: I'm not seeking stability so much as a story. At this point, I believe the things that scare you are the only things worth living for. I also believe that if the truth is so far removed from my perception, then maybe it is time to get a kick in the ass. I also believe what I told him so long ago, that "no matter what happens, I'll really be okay." So. No more. No more of this. In the end, we're all lonely souls adrift in the night. People think I'm an optimist, but it's because I'm a pessimist that I can stay aloft.

So. I'm sorry. No more. Whatever comes, let it come.

As long as we can get a good song from it.