We marvel at each other so much that it's like Narcissus reached into the lake and grabbed a female version of himself. Imagine the ensuing fervor from two awkward, artistic, ambitious people, add the violatile mix of music, nerd, workaholism, mix it with geographic poles of New York, Beijing, Tianjin, that's us, Narcissus on a love drug--cocky, crazy, and magic. "I think we should savor this because it won't last."

By the time you're 27, it's not so much as "been there, done that" as, "been there, love there, but my god, more excited about the galatic beyond." Magnificent possibilities color our world like the way Shuya and his girl emerged from the end of Battle Royale. When you've died, or when you finally meet that someone, the world is just a beginning. "Had I known two people could be such a powerful source for solace and might, I might have searched harder."

He's so good at future-speak that I almost want to take notes. It's always been "we" since I've know him. "We have to go there." "We will get there." "We will be great." A strange sort of hypnotic power comes with two people. He speaks about it so effortlessly that you can only think of heartbreaks.

Don't get me wrong. I know this won't last. Don't get me wrong. I think we're cocky little shits. Don't get me wrong. Flaws will emerge and skies might fall. Don't get me wrong. We'll still be great, in our own little strange ways, two conspirators in a world untying at the seams.