"The author in you must remember that there are real emotions involved at all times, and you are not necessarily the master puppeteer." There it is, like a bullet to my heart, the truth. The truth of the cruelty you are capable of, and the vanity that blinds you from it. All this talk of authorship, of finding stories, in the end, you forget that in your curiosity, these plot lines you finagle with come with people and real emotions. It takes discipline, real discipline to practice kindness and sincerity. It is important to realize that in your attempt for life and experience, your actions as the principle protagonist in your own narrative will affect others. For all your talks of sensitivity, in the end, are you just a careless little fool treating others' as passive beings, existing for your grandeur?

Well, don't. No more.

Before I start writing apology letters in my head, all I can think of is, grateful. I'm grateful for you. For your sake, I will try to become a better person.