So Hungry

So hungry, so hungry. It must be the jetlag, because I didn't eat dinner yesterday. I was hungry for an hour, then I went home and drank a glass of milk and proceeded on throwing away everything I own. To be fair, it's mostly Rong Rong, my dearest pack rat friend's shoes and bags that I'm collectively tossing away, but gone too are old heavy sweaters. The challenge: consolidate your life to four suitcases and a few IKEA bags for your next move. Donate your books and give away your plates, live a little without burden. I'm sorry but why do you own two framed poster? My attempt at adulthood = fail. No I'm not moving back to New York after a brief visit. If anything, my New York trip have convinced me of three things.

1) New York will always be there. 2) New York does not need you. 3) I do not need New York.

It used to be my dream to go back and forth between Beijing and New York, but within two weeks I'd missed Chinese food like cray, like more than I'd ever missed tacos and bagels. This girl at heart is a second-tier city Chinese girl. So boom.