Facts of the Day

Facts of the day, today only. - You drank black coffee. From now on, when people ask how you want your coffee, it's gonna be "black." No point in making coffee milk smoothies, plus it tastes stronger and makes you feel older. You are either really older, or feigning older.

- You switched your perfume from the usual blend of citrus and floral scents to something that has the word "noir" in the title.

- You had your first conversation about life with kids yesterday. I mean, serious, as in, your friend has a four-year-old and three-year-old, and you've got nothing that qualifies you to have any insight on anything that has to do with the following word: kids.

- When he asked if you wanted one, you replied yes in defeat. You'd be good with them. You know you will. Even if you flinch at the idea of the following words, "marriage," "husband," like actually flinch like a five-year-old --- you know you'll be an awesome mom. Fuck. Flinch.

- You make a note of the fact that's he's going to be in four cities in four days. "Who are you?" You ask again. You miss him with your bones. It aches when you sleep.

- You got told off by your boss again to stop interrupting him and listen. That's fine. That's just fine.

- You sleep!