What kind of a stereotype am I

1) Ride fixies2) Live inside the second ring 3) Only date men who smoke (it just so happens) 4) No beer, only wine & whiskey 5) Run 6) Early riser 7) Workaholic 8) Like designer clothes that I can't afford like Damir Doma and Rick Owens 9) Black music 10) Journal keeper 11) Breakfast eater 12) Apparently serious (work) 13) Apparently careless (relationships) 14) Apparently reckless (relationships) 15) Apparently rigorous (work) 16) Apparently will finally know who I am at age 30, but not necessarily for better, so says our stylist for the latest shoot.

Nic is more than a stylist. Nic is a smooth talking PR machine who can arrest you with one diplomatic gaze and gay gesture. As 花生酱 would say, "the gays will take care of it," and so they do, with levity, diplomacy, professionalism, and a command that is wholly trustworthy. Nic says I'm detail oriented, in the best way, but 严谨 in my ears sounds more like I've got my soul trapped between a rock and hard place. Somewhere along the line, you grow up a little too quick and your sense of self has already gone on without you.

Upon these days where the minutes tick so fast that you can't keep track anymore, you can only hold your breath and go on. Hold your breath and go on.

Hold it.