Kendrick II

"I'm trying to ween myself off of Kendrick Lamar," I say. Instead it turns out it's much more fun to tunnel in than to drift from one album to another. Albums are cheap these days, not just the cost of buying one, but the very experience of listening to music is cheapened. Easy come, easy go, because the act of procuring music is a click of a button, so is the motion of hitting next on your iPhone.

Listening to Kendrick Lamar, Good Kid M.A.A.D City and Section 80 is like going back to being fifteen and scanning every word to your favorite band. It's the act of collecting albums, making scrap books, flying out to concerts, going on message boards to find out everything about them. I wouldn't say the degree of "obsession" will ever approach a similar attitude that could only be achieved when you're fifteen, but I will say I'm okay with not being weened off of Kendrick Lamar.

In fact, the plethora of information makes me feel like, if we could only just pace ourselves, there's a universe of wealth out there. There are lyric annotations, youtube visuals, crowd sourced reinterpretations, if we can just halt Spotify for a moment and not speed through life, maybe we can learn to appreciate finer things in a finer way.

This is how I want to do life. Even if sometimes work and life feels like it's spinning out of control, it is important to slow down and taste your food, listen to your album on repeat.