"I'm getting a theme here that you seem to think I over-think too much." You've never met a man who is so absolutely sure of himself, who is so comfortable in his skin that no earth can shake him. R noted so long ago of this, observing that his self-assurance comes from a place of privilege. You've always thought you were good at reading people but you didn't see this coming at all. All you knew was dude had good music taste and watched rachet videos and the moment he came from the cold and instead of reaching out to hug you hello, he reached down to your boot in a motion that resembled an embrace and said, "cold." Weird.

He didn't eat that much at all, so much so you thought he was either on a diet or hated Vietnamese food. He didn't eat much but you did talk about goals and purpose and work, and when you're done he walked you home in the dark. It was the night before New Year's Eve and you were still a holiday behind before you fell in love with dude who watched rachet videos.

Been a year already. You want to rewind the scenes just to make sure they happened, that the people you know really did appear and disappear. The other day you ended up mixing a memory of being with him at a certain place that was actually with someone else. Everything becomes a blur in this world. It's your very own 1Q84.

Life is simpler now in a sense. Focuses are work, books, music, movies, running/biking. You don't let life carry you away too much. You lay low and work on a steady flow of things. Listening to Earl Sweatshirt between CocoRosie to remind yourself of your anti-social femininities. It's good times to be alive if you don't over-think it.

You're practicing detachment liked a damned Sofia Coppola film.