Drake Moment

Really, have a Drake moment with me. Toss your skirt, loosen up that shirt, nozzle that face against the base and listen to "Over My Dead Body" over and over again, savor how body trails like this, "Baaaahhh-ahh." Sing it with me. "I think I killed everyone in the game last year fuck I was on though."

You reach a sudden state of calm. A calm you could distill from a moment, that moment, when you were looking at the moon and ready to climb a wall and your friend R was talking to you like we belonged in a mystical moment. Mystical was the way D described me at a separate dinner party, and I took it in like a good diehard artist. That night when we were all tripping I realized a few things about us. That we possess everything in ourselves to accomplish what we want. That you only reach a state of calm by doing and striving for what you care about. That in the end it's just you and yourself, and it's better to believe in the only thing you know to be true in this life, yourself. Everything else is transient. The moon, friendships, lovers, family, but as long as you are alive you hold yourself to be true, and you better put every fiber of your being into whatever it is you care about. Only in that way will the moon, the friendships, the lovers, and family stay with you.

Now that I'm beyond the routine of podcasts and morning runs, the clarity of a vision hovers at the horizon. I'm feeling the keywords in my life like all the keywords that we knocked our heads together for clients. Dear R has finally left, but the hole that's there is filled with a sense of empowerment. So here's they are, words of the year.

Do. Write. Love.

I'm having a Drake moment ever since we mentioned Toronto.