3AM in Brooklyn

The last time you were up at 3AM rolling through Brooklyn in a car listening to Rae Sremmurd was basically never, so when in did happen in the way of friends stuffing bikes in the van, Ferris calling from the curb (we all thought he was crazy), then driving to some random hipster bar in Bed-Stuy, passing by Ari's house and seriously thinking about waking up the dude (he was sick), then did I understand what he meant by "everything's just so easy here." Maybe easy was the reason why we left, but in 2.5 days you do appreciate the ease and pleasure of having double steaks, walkable streets, gorgeous weather, happening, ambitious people. New York is still the best, even in ridiculous condensed time segments. Everything's a bit like a dream, including carousals, J and B, and my mind melting into a margarita.

All I can remember are Schmoney dances, being hit on by shorties (props to the real men in New York), then crashing into baby boy.


After announcing his 15-year-plan during dinner, H turned to us and said, "I love you guys." He said it with such effortlessness that it made me realize that, oh yeah, I kind of do love these guys. Even if our friendship didn't entail the proximity of college roommates, even though we spend most of our days with co-workers, I really appreciate all the friends I've come to know here. These adventure-seekers, these nutters, these us...

Next steps are difficult to make our, but I'm taking it day by day. If you commit to something, commit to it 100%. It's important to commit to the day you're living.