A Note on Hyper Island

The lack of documentation, shameful. I seem only interested in the undercurrents of my Hyper Island life -- films, countryside, being alone. Regret will find its way soon enough, because before the moment sinks in goodbyes are already in the process. Yet it is too hard to make assessments in the heat of the moment. I don't know how to write about the Hyper Island experience except to reflect around it, that it is so fulfilling and emotionally taxing and hard and liberating and creative and conflict-driven and half-magical that all the body can do after is watch movies alone, and all the mind can do is reflect on the watching movies part.

So let me tell you about Spain instead. 

I’m reading a book called the Leaving the Atocha Station by Ben Lerner. 
I started copying landscape sketches of Granada, and Matisse’s odalisques from Granada. 
I watched Almodavar's Volver.
I’m reading Lonely Planet Spain
I’m traveling to Andalusia with mom in October.
I’m listening to Rita and her mom. They sound majestic. 

It started with a need for warmth I think. The finality that summer will never come, and the fact that summer is ending and this need to chase summer. The answer is in the southern most part of Europe, craning toward Africa and in places that even sound warm: Granada, Cordoba, Seville. If you say that enough times on repeat you can feel the heat rise from your toes. 

Hyper Island on the other hand, volcanic sounding as it may appear, is associated with cold island prisons. There's not one song I can think of to capture the Hyper Island experience the way I can do with romances and cities. I hope it stays. I hope even if I lose the contours of this experience, even if it doesn't have much contours beyond post-it notes and reflections, I will remember this constant mode of ease that we presided. Even as we enter the final phase -- the magic breaks a little as we harden and arm ourselves for the future -- that we'll remember we all came in here and sat in a circle and laughed, cried, crossed rivers, tread deserts and talked about each other like we were the only ones left in the universe.