Listening to: Lupe Fiasco - Superstar if you are what you say you are, a superstar, have no fear, the crowd is here, and the lights are on.

what a show.

time: 6:36pm. check. six minutes into a brand new born day. check. just got up. "you read me like a picture book." four hours from whiskeybourbontequillasheerybrandyvodka, we cooking a meal that smells inflammable, and infallible we are. check. ARE. (the entire house is out or sleeping) here's my stomach made of antioxidants. we rolled through the day like a dream, a segue within the dream of sleep, and between sleep and waking up is letting go, baober it's hard to let go. "drifting into the sea, eating passion fruits." or "floating into the sea, eating a passion fruit?" always write now what you meant to say.

Next time, I'll write down what I meant. They say limerance lasts three months. Here's to three months of no return. And I'm buggin' trippin' living for the stars. Remember the days before, and remember me.

Reunion on Union Square.