Let’s go to Yunnan

“Let’s go to Yunnan.”

Her cursor beamed and blinked at her rhythmically, aligning universes to the same beat. “Let’s go to Yunnan and get a plot of land. We can grow tomatoes and basil under the sun. We can have animals two of each: sheep, monkeys, rabbits, horses, snakes, an elephant to carry us through the contours of the land. Let’s get a plot on top of a mountain, and every time we go into town to buy rice and grain, we’d take our shoulder poles and bamboo hats. You could grow your hair long and roam with a red-tail hawk, and when my knees get cold, we’d know the rain was coming, and we can do the rain dance around our tomatoes and basil. We’ll make millions with our tomato and basil brand. In Italy, they will worship us. Michelangelo will retire from death and erect a statue of us holding a jar of tomato sauce and a leaf of basil. It will be his magnum opus.”