AAWW two years later

Stopped by the Asian American Writers’ Workshop (note: uh yes, I am in New York again. uh yes, I’d forgotten how the subways choke of humidity, and how all the pretty girls don dresses with shiny, big purses over their shoulders). Ken Chen, the new director of the Workshop, I’m proud to say, shares my same last name. Seemed like a really cool guy, has a way of tempering his environment, eases (with an impressive resume that could eaaase any Chinese parent who frets over the future of her artistically inclined child-nymph). Ken is no doubt an interesting contrast to Quang, who was all fire, all boss, all New Yorker. I’m excited to jump back into the New York literary scene head first, toes wiggling.

Ken also mentioned something about a workshop for girls on making comic books. Sounds like the Workshop is continuing to cross-genres and mixing interdisciplines/arts. Kudos. I recommend all to jump on AAWW’s mailing list if you haven’t done so already.