Giorno buon, dormito bene

New Year’s resolution, check. Not bad for March 13. Sense of accomplishment, almost none. Funny how life works. Lesson therein, if you’re going to have a New Year resolution anyway, at least set higher standards, make them count, make them the ones that take discipline, time, and commitment instead of a whimsy derringdo. Time now for a spring diet plan, say goodbye to the wine and dine and conversations made of riddles. Time to stray from the beauty, the decadence, the caprice. Bring out the austerity measures, the sun at seven in the morning, for kisses to mean something and to not stare despairing at the computer screen. Granted, tomorrow when I'm between traffic and four projects at once, I’ll say fuck all and go on my bumbling ways, but at least today, I say curse less and be more ladylike.