Call It Fate Call It Karma

The first sign of old age — your body is dead tired but your mind wakes up at 5AM anyway to a passive list of to dos — passive, because you're technically finally on a break for three days after a monster project. You're living in the age of stress, or you've chosen a lifestyle of "constant excitement" that everyone around you, from your co-worker, your friend, your lover, to your buddy on gchat seems like they've got tasks up their ass. Such is mid to late-twenties and the fear of missing out. I knew the moment I sat down at the Japanese restaurant and Camilla said, "wow, you look awful, have you been sleeping?" that I needed to sleep. Or rewind that, I knew the moment that I tripped on an escalator resulting in bruises up my ankles and knees that I needed sleep, like, get it together woman.

Everything on my list of to-dos for the next three days excites me.

1) Learn about Nike and everything there is to know about Nike for a client meeting. Fun, big fan of their branding/marketing/experience.

2) Finish reading this Ryan McGinley zine.

3) Finish reading Just Kids.

4) Internal management project at work, including, that damned wiki.

5) Zine project

6) Listen to the entire new Strokes album in order.

#1 and #4 are really giant work projects that if I don't bite on holiday I will choke by Monday. #2 & #3 I really should defer for subway rides. I just started storyboarding #5 and the whole process made me realize how much it is I really love publications. #6 is actually hard to do given I also have the new Bowie, Ólafur Arnalds, and Timberlake album, and my playlist is always random, and who listens to entire albums anymore, and to be honest, it's just not that good is it, o dear New York band? JULIAN CASABLANCAS SINGS HIGH PITCH. HAHHAHAHAHA.

Damn, I be such a square hipster if it weren't for China.