Don't let the sunlight fool you

Just don't. In fact, wear UGGs in April if you must, because this 3 degree celsius night temperature is a killer, and even if you've got sunlight in your eyes, it's gonna hurt. Right, I'm sorry, but it's gonna hurt. It's gonna hurt with every "fuck, fuck this fucking beijing fuck weather." You've finally got all this blue, but all you can do is huddle under two blankets with the air conditioner on heat. Your co-worker tells you to eat goji berries. Says it'll help with the cold. Says you're crazy to think it's cold.

Hey son, it's April 10 and cold, ok?

Thank God for Shanghai tomorrow. When I come back, please manage a hint of fucking spring ok Beijing? I love you baby but don't overdo it ok? You're like, gorgy in the sun, but that ain't nothing if the cement is cool and my bones are shivering.

Peace for spring. Peace for flowers. Peace for caterpillar leaves. Peace for fluffy cotton balls that'll soon attack our eyes and shit.